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New website June 30 2012
Welcome on the New Site !!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate your interest in my works. The Site is build by David Wolf and Marlous Löffelman. Together they run the publishing- and design agency WolLöf Communications BNO. THANK YOU !!!!

Ad Arma,
June 30, Alphen GLD, The Netherlands


Workshop II July 5 2012
Ad ArmaWe are now standing at the doorstep to Workshop 2. Left side of that door the wall with the tools. On the rightside the small fridge. There mostly a small bottle of icecold Underberg is to be found, water and juices. On top the box with local apple/pearjuice.. Very handy in a bag that works like the Wineboxes in France. Delicious! Can't be more fresh! Then a wall with drying small oilpaints and a low cupboard, in fact a former kitchenblock with all kinds of materials from glaces for the ceramic works and paints till the regular drawerstuff like nails,rings and screws etc. I know exactly where everuything is to be found in my studio's. May it look a bit chaotic, I am at home here. those things were all touched and held in the hands several times. I know their history and have been working there now for over 26 years.

Ad ArmaAbove the door to the 2nd studio, something special. Ofcourse that old horseshoe for luck and then the in-memoriam-picture there, I pass it many times a workingday and allways say hello to him when passing. That is my dad. He died when I was only 1 year old. Could'nt walk yet. He died on Bloodcancer, Hodgekin-disease, after a short but very strong life. His eyes speak of humour. My mother allways spoke of him with great love and never re-married. He was the active leader of Group Meerhoven, a resistance cell organising the west-district of Amsterdam during WW2. My aunt told me how his heart turned around in his chest when he saw the behaviour of the Nazi's. strange enough never went to the Resistance-museum or to the institute of War documentation for a closer look at his activities. Suppose some hurt is there. But I also am proud of him ofcourse! After that period he went to Indie, now Indonesia, commanding the same guys to form the Tiger Brigade, inofficially called the Amsterdam-Brigade. When he went there he thought to have to help the fellow-people in Indonesia, then belonging to Holland. Again by staking his life at risk, on principle. He got a bullet in the leg and went back on the Grote Beer, still have his army-green cabin trunk here. As a boy I played with his Captain-cap and medals. After those wars his carreer went up fast, company-driver to pick him up to work, nice woman, good life, 2 boys, good life with a lot of travelling. Till that disease got him. About my mother I will maybe tell later. Fantastic woman with also a heavy history, allreadfy before she met the love of her life. I am him now, the continuance. Like my brother is too. That principal side, I know it well, without it I could have never become an artist.. My mother once told me that he was good friends with Simon Vestdijk, the writer. (Of his hand I've read everything from about my twelfth year! ). Found his books about Philosophy, Speaking in Public, behaviour.. A man from simple upbringing, his father a shoemaker, but interested, curious, his notes in the sideline, selflearning. Yes, would have loved to know him. There is a lot of sadness there, death was a part of my life and my mother kept him alive, he was there, but unseen, only in the shape of an energy near by. He was standing in a good light, always just behind the door. This time/factor and the love that goes beyond all barriers has allways been part of as well my view as my work. it made me look with four eyes. One pair is connected and socially involved, feeling, sensitive. the other pair is hunting, searching for subjects and objects, never satisfied, looking/in from the outside in every situation, analysing, sad, melancholic.

Ad ArmaThe other picture is the sight from that door to the ouside door. And the next picture is the one of the Rustler 24. A very beautyfull daysailer with fantastic lines and a longkeel, so with that little boat you can go straight to the coastwaters or on the IJsselmeer here in Holland. Bit lot of wind will be OK with that one!!

Ad Arma

I love sailing! my brother had a sailing/canoo when we were very young and I was his mate and jibman. As we grew the mailsail was renewed and from the old/one we made a large genoa... I had to hang out as far as I could to keep that little ship afloat wshile the water was running one cm below the sides. I also had to get the water out by buckets. No engine, just the ship, sails ruther and us. That sensation of sailing, wind and waters, the sound of the sails and lines, the waves and the feel of the movement in every little windchange... so very nice!! somewhere in the studio there is another picture of a ship, my later Leasure 22 coastsailer. We sailed it at the Grevelingen Meer etc... mmmmm! Or that feel the picture is hanging there a Yearn=picture. Because that Rustler is way out of sight of my wallet. Let's go into the second studio now.

Ad ArmaOké, so we pass the door and enter studio 2. Everywhere staples of etching-plates. Those plates remain used, but only by re-working on them, adding material or cutting them in pieces that are used again in other plates. I allways say that I 'eat' my plates till they are completely vanished in thousands of little pieces.

Ad Arma








This adding of material makes them slowly grow in skin, but I also take parts away by sanding or adding polyester-plasters. Who has any questions on 'how did he do this', just let me know, I am completely open on the technique-part. Tried to simplify vand free the technique because after doing and learning all skills I found it too much craft and wanted to de3vellop a more direct technique for more expression and a direct approach leaving space for improvisation and impulsive interactions between hands/mind and technique. In the middle the worktable.

Ad ArmaNow full of all kinds of materials and papers, plates, tarlatan, inks etcetc. When starting a new series of works, the table is cleaned and emptied completely and then I start.. At the end it looks like this.. Waiting for a new series, but at the moment I am working on the ceramics mostly. but yes, it pulls me in, that table, 'hey, when are we going to make etchings again'?? That will probably be at the beginning of autumn again, but am allready moving towards it in the thinking. We have also started some new devellopments including possible multi-International editions. When that becomes reallity, it is a nice plan (!), I will tell you more about it. In this second studio, mostly used for printing, there is a lot more to see.

Ad ArmaAbove the press hangs the Wondering Monk. An old woodblock-print that makes me happy every time I see him ! One of the ewalls is covered by a large cupboard that once was standing in a shop in Amsterdam, Jan gave it to me... Now in use for the containment of thousands of things. From fanmail dating from a time that letters and cards were still in use, till Japanese, Indian, French and American inks, books, scetches, little plates, small objects brought from the trips, stamps, japanese watercolours, a few bottles of firewater, etcetc. I say it again. Everything in that cupboard is known by me and I know where they lay when needed.



Next Sunday to NorthSeaJazzFestival..!! YESJAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Workshop July 1 2012
This first picture is the entrance-door and the stone table in front. Sometimes I work there outside but most of the time the stone-washbowl is in use for the birds around my workplace. Am cleaning and refreshing the water daily. After a day of serving as washingplace for the birds the last water inside is muddy and really needs cleaning.. Workshop I call my studio, because the word 'atelier', often used here in Europe, doesn't suit the space, as you will see. The pictures are taken out of hand and as/is, because the situation changes from session to session. This time there are a lot of different work-processes going/on, but another time it could be re/arranged for the making of larger sculptures. those birds
they don't only live in our space,
we also live in theirs
we are aware of eachother.
When I listen to a violinconcert or jazzcry... the birds sing along! Sometimes they come sit in the doorway watching me with those moving heads and eyes. Very young ones make the mistake to come inside then i have to leave the studio, turn down the lights and keep the door open in order to let the little one find it's way out.
Ad Arma

Here again the water-scale with the stone table and an interesting pattern on the floor..had to make a picture of that one too.. Let's enter the workshop now.




Ad Armaad Arma

Ad ArmaThis is what you get to see when entering my workshop. The room measures 8 x 10 meter. Hight is 5 meter on highest point. it used to be an animal-barn. (in fact still is, ofcourse, with me inside..:-) In the back you can see another door; that's the second studio, same sizes.

On the righthand the workbank for rougher work like hammering, boring, grinding etc. The shells against the wall of the entrancedoor are in use for drying of ceramic forms. Now some emptyness there because those works are boxed for moving to the killns. Will tell more about that later-on. The hat was brought from Japan oncve.. nothing special but it is to me!!! Under that hat lots of memories are sharished. Beautyfull time in my life, great infuence and hope to return !!

Ad ArmaAd Arma

Ad Arma

Ad ArmaYou could see a bit of the next part of the WS at the last picture. There is roofwindow ther for fresh light. Here I have been working on glace-tests that are in the killn now. The glaces will stay there and as sooln as the tests are ready, I will continue with it for the large forms that are in the boxes.. you will see. Just don't want top tell about then yet to keep the surprice alive.. First making, then showing ; it will become an installation..

Ad Arma

By the way, those cloths around all lamps and the windows.. I have Uveitis in the eyes and therefor am extremely sensitive for light.
At the moment in research under Professor Hoyng at the University Hospital UMC Radboud in Nijmegen.

So please send some good wishes my way, can use it !






Ad ArmaAd Arma

Here the carton-boxes again containing ceramic forms, will soon be gone to the killn... In front the piano with it's tingeltangel-sound.

Sometimes play the brulblues, sounds like a misthorn with barpianobackgrounds and alot of flutes and other soundthings around to make noise.. and the CD's. from Classics to (mostly all;) jazz and freejazz and avantgardejazz and peepknorr and furter on a lot of India-fusion-jazz, modern classical, classical, Chinese Opera, Japanese Kabuki and flute etc...whatever is interesting to hear and widen-up the mind a bit while working. Love to hear something never heard before and love the long live sessions !!

Ad Arma
Here those boxes again, yes they are in the way, soon to be gone ! And the in work-proces- painting up closer. It's about Music ofcourse !! The other one, behind the boxes is the next 120x120cm.. above the scetches.. and after that one, another one in 100 x 160cm - laying- is to be done.. But those scetches I will show later, let's first turn to the table. There I jake the scetches..by Japnese writing-brush mostly. Like those brushes for the sensitivity in use and the straight notations in only black/grey and water. Sumi-inks, delicious earthy smell and because I spend time and work in Japan the examples were and are there seeing=learning and had some lessons by sumi-masters. Love to scetch this way. it must be good in one stroke or dip.. and one more and another..nice. Only relatively recently found what joy that really is actually. In earlier times 'scetching was nit done, becausae it had to be spontainious and done in one time, now i like it to be in search for what later will be done in one time indeed never two the same, it's like practising, training the mind and speaking, humming before singing..!?!

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